How Much Does One Vending Machine Make a Week?

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One of the things that sparks curiosity out of aspiring vending machine owners is profitability. Can automats really provide a sizable return on your investment? The quick answer is yes, although simply saying it doesn’t automatically make it an absolute truth. There are several deciding factors that affect the vendor’s performance in the market.

Here’s a guide that sheds light on the viability of this passive income-generating venture.

How Much Does One Vending Machine Make a Week

How much is the weekly profit of a vending machine?

In Ireland, the average earning of a single automat is around €75, give or take a few euros. It’s vital to note that this figure is only an average—some machines can earn more than others. Location is also a giant factor that affects the vendor’s profitability.

It’s not wrong to say that the income one vending machine can make is highly variable. Nevertheless, you can determine the actual revenue by taking these things into account:

  • Total number of products sold per week.
  • Total profit for every product sold.
  • Total weekly expenses.

To calculate the weekly net profit, multiply the number of products sold with per-product profit and number of operational days. Then, subtract the expenses to get the result. For example, if you sold 50 products at €0.50 for seven days, that’s €175 minus €100 weekly expenses. That leaves you with a net profit of €75.

Factors that affect vending machine profitability

As with other businesses, your profits can climb or fall, often without a steady rhythm. Therefore, you may find your sales fluctuating from week to week. That’s primarily because there are several factors that can increase or decrease your income. Here’s an overview.


If you want to make it in the vending industry, selecting the perfect location is a hurdle you must overcome. It’s not just about foot traffic and how busy the area is since proper placement is also a huge deal-breaker. Ideally, entrances, exits, and shared spaces within the office or establishment help with machine visibility, which improves marketing and sales.

Costs and pricing

The profit can go down or up depending on the products you sell and the prices you assign. Typically, inexpensive items like snacks and beverages may have a better turnover rate than specialty stocks like gadgets. However, expensive products can have a higher profit margin since people are likely willing to pay more for them.

Innovative features

Newer technologies like cashless payments can enhance vending machine profitability. Providing this system to buyers broadens the market reach of your automat. These days, many consumers prefer going cashless because it is convenient, fast, and secure.

Scaling your venture

Once you get to the best formula that works for your vending business, it’s time to scale it up. To do so, you need to partner with a reliable supplier like From vending machine acquisition to managed services, there’s a suitable option for you. Our experts can assist you in establishing this business, all the way to finding your success!

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