Own Kerry Vending Machines for Your Business

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As you may know, Kerry is one of the most scenic counties in Ireland. It houses some of Ireland’s highest mountains, including Carrantuohill. With its panoramic and touristy views, more and more people enjoy the county. In fact, Kerry accommodates approximately 1.5 million tourists a year. The amount of tourists visiting the county indeed calls for more business opportunities. Kerry vending machines would be cost-effective and efficient for you.

Benefits of Kerry Vending Machines

  • Low maintenance. Having Kerry vending machines does not require a lot of corrective maintenance. Following the machine’s best practices manual, machine parts rarely give any problem. And when they do, a support team assists in corrective care.
  • You can have two jobs. Following the procedure passed on to our franchisees, you can still focus on your day job while managing Kerry vending machines.
  • Assistance in seat selection. We have a lot that helps our franchisees to find the ideal spot to place the vending machine. In addition, we have a team that gives full support to franchisees.
  • Business profile. The business profile brings an investment opportunity, low risk, flexible hours, and exemption from the physical establishment. That returns on investment in less than a year.

There’s more to vending machines than just having mere snacks and drinks. Check out more of what you can include in your vending machines here.

What are consumers buying on Kerry Vending Machines?

Since the birth of vending machines, they have provided people convenience. The demand for self-service options skyrocketed with how the buying mechanism changed during the pandemic. While some parts of the world are slowly returning to normal, there are still doubts in the consumers’ minds since the virus is still there. Besides the convenience they provide consumers, vending machines offer businesses another way to earn money.

And after the world was affected by the new coronavirus, precautions regarding direct contact with humans increased. Kerry vending machines offer some of the consumers’ favorite fast snacks. Additionally, it becomes very convenient to look for them. In general, the product mix of the vending machines and micro-markets focuses on typical industrialized snacks. Today, Kerry vending machines offer cookies, snacks, cereal bars, coffee, cappuccinos, and cold drinks.

The percentages of consumption occasions:

Each respondent listed a different reason for using vending machines and micro markets.

– 50% – Fast food (replace a meal)

– 37% – Snack to take a break

– 27% – Eat something healthier for a snack

– 26% – On-the-go snack

Final Thoughts

Every year, the opportunities for the micro and vending machines markets increase. Consequently, these sectors are expected to grow in the coming years.

Suppose you are thinking of starting a new business. In that case, the self-service provided by vending machines and micro-markets has a growth history—also, a favorable social context resulting in a great investment opportunity.

Of all models of Kerry vending machines, we at Vending-Machines.ie have the most profitable models. We are ready to connect you to it and our promising business segment. Get in touch with us for more info about all our different types of products.

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