Reasons Sligo Vending Machines Deserve Your Technological Respect

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The Sligo vending machines we find in almost every city globally seem like simple refrigerators. But that would be oversimplifying things. In reality, under the guts of vending machines, there is a myriad of technological innovations.

What can one expect from vending machines like Sligo vending machines?

To discover how attractive Sligo vending machines are from a technological point of view, go through the following points.

The first patent

The first patented vending machine was used to sell stamps. In 1857, Englishman Simeon Denham patented the first vending machines. In modern times the first coin-operated vending machines were introduced in London starting in the 1880s, dispensing postcards.

Japan, higher density

In Japan, there is also one vending machine for every twenty-three people. Today Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita in the world.


Some Sligo vending machines have such modern technology that they can provide hot dishes quickly. The most striking case is that of the popcorn vending machines that manage to achieve cooking times of around 1/2 minute to 3 minutes.

Pay with your mobile

The first vending machines that do not use coins but only require mobile phones to buy already exist. The system, called “Pay4Vend”, can work on machines already on the market.

They only refrigerate the products that the consumer demands

Popular as “zone cooling”, this system allows Sligo vending machines to save energy, making them more sustainable. “Zone cooling” only cools products, which are more likely to be sold immediately.

Panoramic view

Providers are also committed to interactive technology in vending. There are proposals involving a 46-inch LCD touchscreen that allows products to display with a 360-degree view.

Prototype that identifies client’s tastes

Thanks to an integrated camera and a recognition system. Also, they consider the age group and traits of the user.

No more touching the machine

Experts have been working on a chip that could make the process easier, at least on the ordering part of the product. You wouldn’t have to touch the machine. We could, for example, make gestures so that the machine knows what we want without pressing the buttons.

Purchase history in the cloud

Thanks to the new technology for vending. The new solution also allows consumers to use their smartphones on the vending machine’s sensor. That way, they can activate a touch interface with purchase options. Suppose the consumer has the SAP application installed on their smartphone, and a menu connected to the cloud recognizes the user, it builds a profile based on their purchase history.

Few vending machines do not consume electricity

Another innovation is a solar-powered vending machine. It allows it to generate the electricity necessary for its night lighting. In addition, the display of the machine has LED lighting functions that only turn on when a vending is in operation.

Explore the technologies offered by Sligo vending machines

When talking about vending machines, one cannot help but refer to machines providing drinks and snacks. With constant innovation, you can always maximize your options on Sligo vending machines.

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