Can You Put a Vending Machine Anywhere?

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Vending machines can be found practically everywhere these days – in malls, office buildings, schools, and even in train stations and airports. With this kind of prevalence, many people just assume that you can put a vending machine anywhere. Whilst this does seem to be the case, there are actually a few factors that you have to consider as you decide on the location of your new machine.

Can You Put a Vending Machine Anywhere?

Factors to Consider in Picking a Vending Machine Location

It is no secret that location is a key factor that determines the eventual success of a vending machine business. For this reason, the decision of choosing a location is not something that must be done lightly. Here are the most important factors that you have to keep in mind.

Market Potential

Places with heavy foot traffic tend to have high income potential for vending machines. The more people that pass through the area, the more chances there are that your machine will generate a sale. On the other hand, regular purchases can stem from a vending machine surrounded by regular potential customers, like at a school, or an apartment building.

Power Source

Unless you have an old school vending machine that is purely mechanical, you would need to ensure convenient and safe access to an electrical outlet. In some cases, you will have to pay for the use of electricity, in addition to paying for the actual power consumption.


Unless you are placing the vending machine inside your own establishment, you would need to secure permission from the owner. Some owners would be willing to let you plug in a machine in their store, whilst others would not be as open to the idea. Most will be agreeable though if they get a small commission of the profits, or if you pay a suitable rent.

Recommended Spots for a Vending Machine

As mentioned, highly populated areas have the best potential for a vending machine business. Here are some of the most recommended spots for starting out.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities typically have hundreds of employees who work multiple shifts around the clock. Work in these places is busy, and breaks are short. Employees rarely have time for snacks or lunch outings. This machine can definitely be a convenient alternative to having to bring a packed lunch every day.

Office Buildings

A vending machine in the break room of a large office building can yield enormous profits. Many office employees crave coffee throughout the day. A coffee machine would be a great addition.


There is always a flurry of people coming and going to hospitals, even during the wee hours of the night, when shops are already closed. A vending machine offers convenient sustenance for doctors, nurses, patients, and companions. It satisfies hunger or thirst easily.

Choosing the right location for your vending machine is the key to a successful venture. Here at, we can help you scout for the best location, as well as provide the best vending solutions that meet your requirements.

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