How Long Do Vending Machines Actually Last?

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One of the main concerns of entrepreneurs wanting to dabble in the vending sector is the lifespan of vending machines. Naturally, they wonder how long it will last and if it’s an asset worth investing in the long run. Another concern is the possible breakdowns and damage to the machine. After all, an automat is only profitable if it remains functional for a long time.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn about the longevity of vendors and what factors affect their durability. You can find the answers in this guide, along with expert recommended ways to keep them serviceable for many years.

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Vending machines—their lifespan

On average, a brand-new automat can last anywhere from 10 to 12 years. That’s more than enough time to breakeven and boost your passive income. Modern machines nowadays feature technologies that extend their shelf-life effectively. In fact, the latest models last about 30% longer than older machines before they need replacing.

High-quality vendors provided by reliable suppliers are more likely to have sturdy construction. It’s essential to purchase or rent a machine from reputable companies to ensure top-grade materials and design. You can have a greater return on investment (ROI) if the vending machine has guaranteed quality.

What factors affect vending machine shelf-life?

As with any machine, an automat can reach its maximum lifespan if it is cared for and used properly. Still, there are several factors that can dictate how long it will last in the market. Here are some of them:

  • Quality. The materials used for the machine greatly affect its durability. Low-quality components can decrease their performance over time and lead to breakage and a shortened lifespan.
  • Location. Placing vending machines in harsh environments and weather conditions can degrade their quality. Hence, it’s crucial to select the best and safest location for your machine.
  • Frequency of use. Excessive use can also lead to a shortened shelf-life for the automat. However, regular cleaning and upkeep can help offset the effects of wear and tear on the vending machine.

What happens if vending machines break?

The most common cause of vending malfunction is heating or refrigeration unit failure. This temperature-control component is costly and time-consuming to repair. However, replacing the faulty part can extend the vending machine’s life for three or more years.

Nevertheless, a good clean-up and regular servicing of the vending machine ensures that it can last for a long time. Any automat that is well-serviced can avoid frequent breakdowns of the problematic components. Some firms offer a fully managed service wherein you can provide the location and they take care of the rest. That way, you can worry less about maintenance and still receive passive profit.

Venture into vending solutions

When a vending machine lasts, you can also expect more income to go your way. That said, it’s important that you choose the automat wisely and monitor and maintain its health diligently. You can also enlist the help of experts such as Nothing beats an experienced team that knows how to make vending machines last for a long time!

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