Which Vending Machine Is Most Profitable?

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The vending machine is a popular way of earning residual income from a business. Just install it, stock it up with your selected products, and wait for the revenue to come rolling in!

It is a low-cost but high-profit alternative to opening a new retail outlet. Not all kinds of vending machines are equally profitable, though. There are those that are just okay, and there are those that will draw customers like a magnet. Take a look at the most profitable machines based on sales data for the last couple of years.

Ice Vending Machines

The ratio of profit to capital is very high with an ice vending machine. This is because all you really need to spend on is electricity and water. For an outlay of €0.25 on electricity and water, you can already have 100 lbs of ice. You can sell a 20-lb bag for €2 – €3 each.

Just do the math and see how incredibly huge your profit margin would be!

Snack Vending Machines

These have been one of the most popular kinds of vending machines since they were introduced years ago. They remain one of the most profitable because people need to eat. Many individuals are constantly on the go, so these snack machines really come in handy. On average, a snack vending machine can earn you as much as €1 for each sale, which is not bad at all.

Coffee Vending Machines

In offices, hospitals, fitness centers and even universities, a cup of hot coffee is a favorite vending machine item. It’s great for providing that much needed perk in the middle of a tiring day. You can boost your earning potential even more by offering different varieties on your coffee vending machine, like espresso, latte, cappuccino, and so on.

Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Similarly, many people appreciate the convenience of having a cold refreshing drink while on the go. These machines draw the most buyers in cafeterias, schools, offices and gyms. The cost of acquiring a cold drinks vending machine is somewhat higher because of the refrigerator requirements. But you can quickly earn this back since cold drinks can easily sell for at least €1.50 on a vending machine.

Bulk Vending Machines

Bulk vending machines are among the lowest priced types available today. For this reason, they can definitely generate a huge amount of profit. You can buy most kinds of vending machines starting at €2000. But for as low as €40 you can already get a quality bulk vending machine. They are also very simple machines and you basically spend nothing on maintenance.

The choice of which vending machine to invest in is really important. In addition to looking at the list we have prepared, you should also consider the demands of the market in your target location.

Here at Vending-Machines.ie, we have a range of vending machines for any kind of product that you wish to sell. We can also build customized machines for your specific needs. Let us know what you need and we will help you set up a profitable vending machine business.

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