Can You Write off a Vending Machine?

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A vending machine business can be a very profitable venture. It’s also quite easy to establish. It’s even easier to maintain as most machines can run themselves if you set them up properly. However, keep in mind that there are also legal matters to tend to if you want to keep your business legitimate. Taxes, in particular, are a crucial part of business operations.

Can You Write off a Vending Machine?

What Taxes Should You Prepare for?

The kind of taxes that you need to pay depends largely on the kind of registration that you have chosen. In the UK, you can choose from a sole trader or a limited company registration. As a sole trader, you will have fewer tax obligations than a limited company. However, you will also have personal liability over the business.

A couple of the basic taxes you need to prepare for are income tax and dividend tax. Then, there is also the corporation tax for limited companies. Furthermore, businesses that earn over €85,000 annually must register for value added tax or VAT. This might sound like a huge turnover for a vending machine business, but it is definitely possible.

What Can You Write Off in a Vending Machine Business?

The law allows vending machine operators to include any business equipment as a tax write-off. As long as you have specifically bought the equipment for business use, then you can include it. The list could include computers, office furniture, and so on. Of course, since the machine itself is the main source of income for the business, it definitely qualifies as a tax deduction.

These tax deductions can greatly help you in your vending machine business, especially if you are still in the early stages. You can save a lot of money on taxes and direct these funds to other ways to grow your business. So the cost of the vending machine should not be a hindrance to starting this profitable venture.

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